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Remember Gandhi’s timeless knowledge: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It all the time begins with YOU. Most Health Issues in the US Can Be Boiled Down to One Source – Sugar What is extra ironic than the timeless desire to pursue something that causes you harm? In this case, the thing of desire is the sweetest of life’s delicacies: food excessive in sugar.

God, Obama, Medicare, Monsanto, or somebody/one thing else is causing all of our issues. Heaven forbid we stop blaming different folks or entities and begin taking radical duty for every thing that happens in our life. The finest way to change the world is thru YOU. It’s not by sending a greenback a day to some impoverished baby overseas; not by protesting in a rally; not by writing an angry letter to your congressman.

Don’t give your energy away by considering that voting, protesting, or sending cash is enough. Change yourself, your beliefs, and your perspective and watch the world round you modify.

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If a tuning fork is about off in a room filled with clocks, the clocks will eventually all vibrate on the same degree. Be the vibration you want the world around you to be. (S)he with the strongest intention-vibration “wins”. You can not change anyone except yourself, so it solely is smart that we’d begin by taking a listing of what’s going on in our own life. Where am I not taking responsibility for my life?

This just isn’t about spreading fear or forcing your beliefs on others. It is merely saying, “This is how I see issues.” If another person can see things from your perspective and agrees with you, you have just made more highly effective change than any amount of preaching can do.

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• What am I doing to contribute to the problems I see on the planet, even the ones I don’t see myself instantly contributing to? • How am I representing myself by way of my day by day actions and habits? • What am I doing to create the kind of world I’d prefer to stay in? By being honest and taking full duty for EVERYTHING in our lives, we become empowered to facilitate change. Change starts with awareness that one thing truly must be changed.