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Patients who’re handled using the HAART (Highly Active Antiretroviral Treatment) program of drugs are often required to remain on the medication throughout their lives. The HAART method of treatment is very costly and requires that a person be monitored by a doctor to ensure that the medicine are able to suppress the virus. The HIV virus is highly resistant and if not monitored can become immune and block the consequences of the drugs. The different main downside with this method to the HIV epidemic is that this remedy is not economically viable for many individuals in the third world. Patients suffering from HIV wouldn’t have the funds or the access to the required drugs.


– To impede the progress of the disease as soon as it’s in the physique – Improve the life quality of the affected individual In many circumstances, these remedies have been very efficient, however they’re obviously not a everlasting solution.

Despite all efforts, the numbers of people being infected with this situation remains to be on the rise. At present, it is estimated that nearly 40 million people all around the globe have the HIV virus. Faced with the dilemma of more and more folks infected with the disease researchers and docs are approaching the HIV cure strategy from two sides.

  • We sit in automobiles or public transportation whereas touring to and from work.
  • Unfortunately, most of us have jobs that require a lot of sitting.
  • We sit to eat, and then sit to loosen up, notably if we relax with a computer or television.
  • We sit at our computer systems, except after we are sitting in a gathering.
  • All of that sitting is greater than could be compensated for by a number of hours train every week.
  • Sitting, like different unhealthy habit, should be reduced.

Sitting in the same position for hours not solely turns into uncomfortable, but in addition could end up in an aching neck and again. Strains occurring incessantly could have a adverse influence on the individual’s work efficiency and should lead to absentees. Ergonomic chairs are particularly designed for the aim to provide comfort, so that one doesn’t find yourself with stiffness in the neck, shoulders and back. Stiffness in the physique normally results when the muscle tissue remain in the identical position for a very long time, and the blood move just isn’t continuous.

Towards this objective, they are persevering with to analysis new strategies and medicines that they hope will obtain the desired end result. Researchers are learning that the HIV virus presents numerous qualities that make it an especially difficult dilemma.


The HIV virus presents a troublesome target for docs, as a result of it could stay dormant for years. In easy phrases, this means that the virus enters a person’s cells and hides. Doctors cannot assault and deal with a virus if they’re unable to determine its exact location. One of the concepts that doctors are presently exploring is the possibility of finding ways to force the virus to come back out of hiding.